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Allium maximowiczii is an ornamental onion that somewhat resembles a tall chives but with silver-blue leaves resembling blue fescue.

Allium nevskianum is a rare species with large pink flowers atop pairs of blue leaves.

Allium rosenbachianum is an early-blooming large globe ornamental onion with four inch wide, dark violet spheres on three foot stems.

Allium sativum 'Bogatyr' is a purple stripe hardneck garlic. It has a strong, fiery, long lasting heat and is one of the hottest hardneck garlics.

Allium sativum 'Chesnock Red' is a purple stripe hardneck garlic. It is an award-winning variety with a full, rich garlic flavour and a mellow aftertaste.

Allium sativum 'Metechi' is an heirloom garlic that is one of the best for production producing huge bulbs with a spicy, hot flavour.

Allium sativum 'Mexican Purple' is a purple stripe hardneck garlic that is very spicy hot when raw and mild and delicious when baked.

Allium sativum 'Yugoslavian' is a porcelain type garlic with great flavour fresh or baked. It has excellent storing potential.

Allium schoenoprasum f. albiflorum is an edible chive, with masses of pure white, star shaped flowers gathered in luxuriantly blooming umbels.

Allium stipitatum 'White Giant' is the tallest of the white ornamental onions with huge 6-8 inch wide, pure white spheres.

Allium tanguticum 'Summer Beauty' blooms in mid to late summer with numerous spheres of lavender-pink flowers popular with pollinators.

Allium triquetrum, three-cornered leek, is a rare, edible species tolerant of shade with loose clusters of white, bell-shaped flowers.

Allium 'Cameleon' has charming, playful flower heads that emerge dusky pink and fade to white with pink veining.

Allium 'Early Emperor' is an early-blooming, large-flowered ornamental onion that blooms with late tulips, late daffodils, camas, and bluebells on 3 foot stems.

Allium 'Medusa forms rounded clusters of light amethyst purple flowers that rise above low mounds of grey-green, twisty foliage.

Allium 'Mercurius' forms tall, 2-3 foot stems topped with half globes in a rich, saturated shade of raspberry wine.

Allium 'Miami' forms tall, 2-3 foot stems topped with half orbs of rich purple, star shaped flowers loosely arranged in 3-4 inch heads.

Allium 'Millenium' forms fantastic two inch spheres on tall stems like rose-purple balloons floating in the summer garden.

Allium 'Ostara' is a new hybrid with dramatic leaves that remain green through flowering and large, deep reddish purple spheres on 16 inch stems.

Allium 'Pinball Wizard' hails from the same cross as the classic 'Globemaster' producing 6-8 inch wide lavender purple spheres on shorter stems to two feet tall.

Allium 'Ping Pong' has unusual, fuzzy looking spheres of white flowers opening from buds tinged pink.

Allium 'Pink Jewel' produces distinctive pink spherical flower heads about 3 inches wide on stems to almost 3 feet high.

Allium 'Serendipity' forms two inch spheres on tall blue-green stems like rose-purple balloons floating in the summer garden.

Allium 'Summer Drummer' is one of the tallest of all ornamental onions with soaring stems reaching up to six feet high with fragrant, lavender-purple flower heads.

Allium 'Violet Beauty' is a large ornamental onion with gorgeous, warm purple flower heads 4-6 inches wide on stems 2-3 feet tall.