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Boophone disticha Stutterheim (5 year, 2024)


Boophone disticha Stutterheim is a stunning and rare amaryllis with spherical reddish pink flowers and amazing peacock-like blue-green leaves.

Boophone disticha is a stunning and rare amaryllis relative which is widespread in dry grasslands and on rocky slopes across southern Africa. It is a winter dormant bulb that grows half protruding from the ground. In spring it blooms with a large Allium-like spherical inflorescence with deep pink to reddish pink flowers (in the case of this Stutterheim form) that is followed by an amazing peacock-like spread of rippled, strap-like, blue-green leaves. The flowers are extremely fragrant. It is called century plant due to its longevity or tumbleweed because the spoke-like pedicels that hold the flowers elongate as seeds ripen into a large ball that detaches and rolls across the landscape spreading the seeds. Keep dry when dormant in winter. Plant the bulb only half buried. This is a non-hardy bulb that can be grown as a houseplant or in a heated greenhouse or sunroom. It's perfect for those interested in bulbs and houseplants and for succulent lovers looking to branch out. Our nursery-grown bulbs are 6 years old and near adult blooming size.

Common Name: Tumbleweed - [Summer B&B Pre-Order]

Family: Amaryllidaceae (The Amaryllis Family)

Zone Hardiness: 9-11

Light: Full Sun

Height: 12-24"

Width: 12-24"

Primary Bloom Colour: Pink

Secondary Bloom Colour: Red

Class: Deciduous

Type: Tender

Bloom Time: Spring - Summer

Soil Moisture: Dry

Stem Colour:

Fragrance: Yes


Benefits: Bees

Deer Resistant: Unknown

BC Native: No

Native Habitat: Dry grasslands, savannas, forest glades, and rocky slopes mainly in the summer rainfall areas of southern Africa.

Award: AGM

Geogrpahical Origin: Europe and Africa - Southern Africa and Madagascar

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