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Magnolia (Michelia) laevifolia (yunnanensis)


Magnolia laevifolia (syn. Michelia yunnanensis) is a smaller evergreen tree with fragrant white flowers from fuzzy brown buds.

Magnolia laevifolia, formerly Michelia yunnanensis, is a broadleaf evergreen shrub or tree native to China. The dark green foliage is strong and leathery, obovate to elliptical in shape and up to four inches long usually with fuzzy orange undersides. The 2-3 inch wide, fragrant, cup-shaped, white flowers with yellow stamens bloom in early spring with a lemony fragrance from overwintered fuzzy brown buds. Young growth is covered in a layer of short, reddish-brown hairs. Mature specimens in cultivation can reach 10-15 feet tall and wide. Grow as a specimen tree or shrub or plant as a beautiful, evergreen, fragrant hedge. Appreciates slightly acidic, well drained, evenly moist soils and prefers a sheltered position in full but not blazing sun down to bright dappled shade. Provide a protected site in zone 7. Photo: Wikipedia.

Common Name: Michelia - [RFT Pre-Order]

Family: Magnoliaceae (The Magnolia Family)

Zone Hardiness: 7-11

Light: Full Sun, Part Sun, Part Shade

Height: 10-15'

Width: 10' and over

Primary Bloom Colour: White/Cream

Secondary Bloom Colour:

Class: Evergreen

Type: Tree

Bloom Time: Spring

Soil Moisture: Average, Moist

Stem Colour:

Fragrance: Yes

Berries: No

Benefits: Bees

Deer Resistant: Unknown

BC Native: No

Native Habitat: High elevation pine forests.


Geogrpahical Origin: Asia and the Pacific - Asia - China and Japan

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