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Macropidia fuliginosa is the fabled and fabulous black kangaroo paw with true black and green flowers.

Magnolia 'Free Spirit' is a prostrate, evergreen form with ambrosially scented spring flowers.

Magnolia laevifolia 'Inspiration' is a compact form with evergreen leaves and white, lemon-scented blooms in early spring.

Malus ‘Adams Pearmain’ has conical, yellow orange, russet skinned fruit with red stripes and aromatic, tart, nutty, and sweet flesh. UK 1826.

Malus ‘Black Oxford’ has round, darkest red apples. Dense, crisp fruit with balanced sugar and acids. Maine, USA 1790.

Malus ‘Blenheim Orange’ has greenish yellow skin with an orange blush and a sweet, nutty flavour. UK 1740.

Malus ‘Calville Blanc D'Hiver’ aromatic, tart, sharp flesh that is slightly bitter with spiciness and a banana flavour. France 17th century.

Malus ‘Celini’ has red flushed skin with soft juicy flesh sometimes with a pink tinge. UK 19th century.

Malus ‘Delicious’ (‘Hawkeye’) has much better crisp texture and sweeter, juicier flavour than 'Red Delicious'.Iowa, USA 1870s.

Malus ‘Doctor Harvey’ has conical green and gold fruit sometimes with a pink flush with a mild acidity.Cooks to a puree. Great for apple sauce. UK 1629.

Malus ‘Duchess of Oldenberg’ has red blushed fruit with creamy coloured, crisp, tender flesh with a refreshing bittersharp flavour. Russia 1700s.

Malus ‘Esopus Spitzenberg’ has large, red, oblong apples and aromatic flesh with a dense, buttery, rich, sharp, sweet flavour. New York, USA 18th century.

Malus ‘George Carpenter’ has ribbed, red and green apples with some russeting and firm, sweet, juicy, rich flesh. UK 1902.

Malus ‘Gilpin’ offers red and yellow apples with a crisp, tender, juicy, sweet/tart flavour. Virginia, USA 1817.

Malus ‘Golden Russet’ has gold russeting on a greenish skin and crunchy flesh with a good, spicy flavour with a balance of sweetness and tartness. New Jersey, USA 1800s.

Malus ‘Holstein’ has golden orange fruit with some red flushing and firm, juicy, aromatic flesh with a slight pineapple flavour. Germany 1918.

Malus ‘Jersey Black’ has red skin that can be so dark that this is cultivar is known as the black apple. New Jersey, USA 1817.

Malus ‘Jonathan’ apples have a balance of sweetness and sharpness. They are refreshing and aromatic. USA 1864.

Malus ‘King of Tompkins County’ has large fruit of excellent quality with crisp, yellow flesh with a nice aroma. New Jersey, USA 1804.

Malus ‘Lady’ (‘Api’) has been used as an ornament and for eating with its beautiful fruit and sweet, fruity, aromatic, juicy flesh. France 1628.

Malus ‘Laxton’s Superb’ has red flush over green skin. Flesh is dense and firm, dry, and sweet, with a very 'appley' flavour. UK 1897.

Malus ‘Macoun’ has deep red blushes and stripes over green skin and white flesh that is crisp and juicy with a sweet, spicy, strawberry flavour. New York, USA 1923.

Malus ‘Non Pareil’ is a yellow russet apple with a sweet, aromatic, pear-drop flavour. UK 16th century but originally from France.

Malus ‘Pitmaston Pineapple’ has small, conical yellow russet apples with sweet and highly aromatic flavours of pineapple. UK 1845.

Malus ‘Pitmaston Pineapple’ has small, conical yellow russet apples with sweet and highly aromatic flavours of pineapple. UK 1845.